A whole eleven classes at the B. Peruzzi primary school will be participating in the language laboratories promoted by Siena’s Verbosity English Club for the academic year 2014-15.

Devised by Anna Madgwick, owner of Verbosity English Language Optimisation Services, Move It! is designed to get children speaking, singing and (why not?) even shouting English as they hop, skip and jump around their school grounds.

It’s incredible the amount of English the kids learn while they play. When words are associated with a real physical experience, be it a treasure hunt, a game of hide and seek, or a singing and dancing session, they seem to stick to the memory like glue!

During the language laboratories, students will be introduced to simple arguments such as colours, numbers, the alphabet, greetings, the days of the week, the months and seasons of the year, clothing, family and the human body – in conjunction with the school curriculum and in collaboration with the students’ usual language teachers.

Unless it rains, hails, sleets or snows, games will be organized in the school’s outdoor play areas – a great way of combining fresh air with a fresh approach to language learning!